What's Up

Hey Fam,

Getting a little blog going here on the morning of Global Game Jam 2019. Here’s what I’m up to:

  • Working on porting Donsol to the N64.

  • Working on a little game engine called AFEX.

Keeping it short for now, but my goal for Donsol is to have the game code completed this weekend (or at least a simple version of it). Since I’ll be at a Jam site I wont have access to my N64 or computer with Windows XP on it, I’ll just be doing the game code in a console window.

Afex is just a little toy engine, no specific goals for it - just trying out new technologies and techniques. Currently trying to see if entt is right for me. No timeline for that yet.

See ya!


My N64 ! Modified to work with North American carts.

My N64! Modified to work with North American carts.