My Role

April 2014-September 2014
On this 6 month mandate I worked mostly solo to take care of our first contact on Shape Up. The first contact is the first 10 minutes every player experiences that will teach them about the game world through tutorials. I developed tools for our designers to manipulate the introduction flow, and spent time developing and integrating content for this experience.


Shape up is an Xbox One exclusive for kinect. I developed using in house tools in C++, and created modules for a node-based scripting editor that I then used to implement some of the flow through the first contact.

About Shape Up

Sure you want to get in shape, but who wants to go to the gym? Same boring gym. Same boring workout. Same guy sweating all over the machine you want to use. Going to the gym is a grind, so we made something better. We made Shape Up.

Shape Up is built on the idea that when you have fun, you get better results.

Launch Date: November 11 2014
Platform(s): Xbox One