My Role

October 2015 - Current
At Snowed In Studios I work as a Senior Software Engineer. In this role I act as project & tech lead for various projects as needed. Currently I'm the project & tech lead full time creating artificial intelligence for an unannounced AAA game using C++ in Unreal. This mandate requires the team and myself implement AI that deals with 3D physics, gameplay and animation systems to ensure a believable AI.

I also advise on projects, build estimates for project proposals and coach team members at both junior and peer levels in experience. It's a humbling and mettle-testing experience that I'm quite proud to be trusted with.


Our studio uses just about every modern game tech you could think to use. I've made games using Unity, WebGL, and Unreal so far in my time at Snowed In.

The studio is known to ship on all platforms. I've personally worked on titles across iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 while at Snowed In.



Project Lead, Tech Lead, Engineer

Currently working on this unannounced title currently in pre-alpha. Our mandate is to deliver a believable and rich AI using C++ and Unreal Engine 3.


Web Mini Games

Tech Lead, Engineer

This project is due to ship in Fall 2016. We were tasked with creating a set of 10 mini games in a unified experience for an online college course. We used Javascript, WebGL, NodeJS and a large set of web and server technologies. 

Console Game Port

Tech Lead, Engineer

In certification now. This project involved taking a popular existing title post-launch and supporting it on console platforms. This title was written in C# with Reactive Extensions in the Unity game engine.

Wild Kratts Baby Buddies


Launched in late 2015 on iOS and Android, this kids title lets parents and their kids learn about animals together. Developed using C# and Unity.


About Snowed In Studios

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