My Role

October 2015 - Current
I work as a Lead Programmer & Senior Software Engineer at Snowed In Studios, serving multiple teams. This has me working about %50 in a leadership, management and HR context across a few teams. The other half of my time is spent engineering on a project for Hangar 13.

My role changes a lot month to month. Some of my responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting, screening and testing programmers.
  • Code reviewing for teams headed by non-technical managers.
  • Building estimates for project proposals.
  • Engineering and writing for SR&ED.
  • Organizing fun studio events.


I specialize in C++ development surrounding gameplay and engine work. As a hobbyist I taught myself web and server development, enabling me to help our studio adopt more modern practices in these areas as well. I'm a competent Unity developer, and do use this skill at Snowed In, but would consider this skill secondary to my experience in C++ engine and game development.

There's no engine that we use "the most" at Snowed In. I work on client projects which requires me to jump between various proprietary engines, Unity and Unreal frequently.


Compiler Mandate (Unannounced)

June 2017 - Current


I'm currently working as an engineer and team lead for an unannounced game by Hangar 13 (a 2K studio). This outsourcing mandate involves writing a compiler for a visual scripting language that will generate C++ then native binaries. The compiler we're developing is written in C++ utilizing their propritary engine. 

Closing Greenlight (Rokh)

April 2017 - June 2017

On Rokh I worked as an engineer, to help Nvizzio close tasks before their greenlight early access. I spent time working largely on UI and Gameplay related tasks and bugs. Rokh is developed in Unreal Engine 4 using C++.


Mobile Game (Unannounced)

April 2017 - Current


Currently nearing the end of production, I act as a supervisor for an upcoming mobile game for Nickelodeon.

Web Games (PBS Kids)

2015 - Current (sparse)


I support the development of a variety of web mini-games for PBS Kids and Wild Kratts. I work as an engineer, manager, or producer as needed. 

AI Mandate (Unannounced)

May 2015 - March 2016


I worked as a lead and engineer for the better part of a year on an unannounced project for Warner Brothers Games. Our mandate was AI focused, and utilized C++ in Unreal Engine 3.

Web Games (Various Clients)

2015 - Current (sparse)


I worked as a lead and engineer on a series of web games. Notably I lead the development and design of an internal editor used to perform scene layout and data manipulation that was previously done in code by hand in our studio.

PS4 Port (AdVenture Capitalist)

February - April 2016


I lead a small team in porting this popular PC and mobile game, Adventure Capitalist to the PlayStation 4.  Adventure Capitalist is developed in C# using Unity.

Mobile Game (Wild Kratts)

October 2015 - April 2016


I worked as a senior engineer on this title, launched in late 2015 on iOS and Android. Wild Kratts Baby Buddies lets parents and their kids learn about animals together. Developed using C# and Unity.


About Snowed In Studios

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